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Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

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Marketing Manager

Job Descriptions:
1. Responsible for formulating investment promotion plans and policies, organizing and implementing investment promotion work, contacting, negotiating and signing contracts with franchisees.
2. Responsible for the management, file creation, query and maintenance of investment information.
3. Responsible for the preparation, organization and implementation of the exhibition.
4. Responsible for brand promotion, joint cooperation negotiation, etc.
5. Other tasks assigned by the leader.

1. Working experience in the same position in the apparel industry, franchisee channels are preferred.
2. College degree or above.
3. Have excellent communication and coordination skills, a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, and have the ability to withstand pressure.

Brand Manager

Job Descriptions:
1. Responsible for the content operation of the platform, the preparation and production of external product announcements and publicity manuscripts.
2. The writing of product marketing plan and the formulation of promotion plan.
3. Planning and execution of online and offline activities.
4. Other tasks assigned by the leader.

1. College degree or above.
2. Be able to use PS, AI and other drawing software proficiently, and be sensitive to visual effects.
3. Clear thinking, good writing ability and independent writing planning copy.

Garment Merchandiser

Job Descriptions:
1. Communicate with customers by email, solve problems raised by customers, and follow up the progress of orders;
2. Coordinate various departments to ensure delivery according to the delivery date

1. Be able to operate independently and have been in this position for more than 3 years;
2. Familiar with the operation process of foreign trade apparel export business orders;
3. College degree or above, understand the business process of clothing foreign trade enterprises;
4. Ability to read and write in English (email communication with foreign customers is required during work);
5. Careful, responsible, strong coordination skills and teamwork awareness.

Shipping Clerk

Job Descriptions:
1. Responsible for export operations, European lines, water transport operations, air transport operations, especially familiar with ocean shipping operations;
2. Sort out the work process of the department and improve work efficiency;
3. Have a sense of service and teamwork, and can cooperate with other departments to do related work;
4. Regularly sort out transportation costs, contact freight forwarders to compare prices and optimize existing agents;

1. More than 5 years of operating position experience in the international freight forwarding industry, and more than 2 years of supervisor position experience;
2. International trade, English, freight customs declaration and other related majors are preferred;

Purchasing assistant

Job Descriptions:
1. Procurement of all the surface materials of the clothing company;
2. Effectively reduce procurement costs;

1. Have experience in garment foreign trade, and be familiar with sourcing of flour and accessories;
2. It can be operated independently and has strong coordination and communication skills;
3. Strong ability to withstand pressure and a sense of teamwork.

Garment QA/QC

Job Descriptions:
1. Responsible for the quality inspection of clothing;
2. Familiar with the production process of clothing, understand the surface accessories, can solve the quality problems in production;

1. More than three years of experience in the apparel industry;
2. Familiar with the technological process of woven garments;
3. Have QC and QA work experience;
4. Can adapt to regular business trips.


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