Overview of China’s textile and apparel foreign trade in November 2017


In the long-term development, we have served a large number of high-quality customers, such as: UK's MOUNTAIN WAREHOUSE, WEST BEACH, Netherlands' REHALL, PROTEST, Poland's ETOS, LPP (RESERVED, CROPP, HOUSE), Czech's HANA, Germany's PLAZANGST, CHANEX, etc. Relying on the company's production base in northern China, we provide customers with a strict quality control system and a very competitive price advantage to help customers explore the market, increase performance, and achieve long-term stable win-win cooperation. The company has its own design and R&D team to provide you with the latest fabrics, the best quality and the best prices. In accordance with customer needs, we use Taiwanese fabrics, Korean fabrics, and domestic popular fabrics in our products, as well as special Taiwanese yarns, independently researched and developed, following fashion trends, and applying popular fabrics and design elements to our apparel products. The company often conducts market research and captures fashion trends, provides customers with fashion trend analysis, style design recommendations, and strives to make customers' products hot in the market. Customers often have additional orders for the styles produced by customers, and those produced by re-orders have already had good sales expectations while being produced. Satisfying customers, making customers successful, and considering from the perspective of customers and consumers is the foundation of our development. We fully consider the practicability, convenience, and convenience of daily care in the design and production of our products, so that our products and life can be integrated. At the same time, based on the customer's target price and material requirements, we will provide feasible suggestions and program design, and develop together with customers to achieve the goal together. We can support customers' design and development and global sales needs. Our goal is to rely on the European market to bring high-quality leisure and outdoor apparel products to more fashionable outdoor consumers around the world. In 2019, the company formed a strategic partnership with ETOS S.A., the sponsor of the Dakar Rally, to act as an agent for the operation of the brands "DIVERSE TM", "DAKAR TM" and "DIVERSETM EXTREME TEAM.COM" in China. In 2020, the company has started new media, comprehensive online celebrity marketing, and simultaneous online and offline operations. The company has taken solid steps to promote foreign brands to enter the Chinese market and integrate into the Chinese market.