2021 Dakar Rally


The 2021 Dakar Rally is about to kick off in Saudi Arabia.
The race is 13 days from January 3, 2021 to January 15, 2021. It is dominated by the desert stage. The total mileage of the competition is 7,646 kilometers, and the special stage is 4767 kilometers long. The Dakar Rally is getting closer... The second consecutive Dakar Rally will be held in the Middle East. Organizers said that last year's version of the region only had a foreboding topography. In 2021, the huge and diverse scenery will allow competitors to fight each other and continue the exploration that began in the Saudi desert last year. The course will include a special stage of 4767 kilometers 7464 kilometers.
  • Opening remarks-January 2-Jeddah-Jeddah-11 km
  • Phase 1-January 3-Bisha, Jeddah-622 km
  • Phase 2-January 4-Bisha Wadi Ad-Dawasir-685 km
  • Phase 3-January 5-Wadi Ad-Dawasir Wadi Ad-Dawasir-630 km
  • Phase 4-January 6-Wadi Ad-Dawasir-Riyadh-813 km
  • Phase 5-January 7-Buraydah, Riyadh-625 km
  • Stage 6-January 8-Buraydah-655 km from Ha
  • Stage 7-January 10th-Ha Yu Sakaka (Marathon)-737 km
  • Stage 8-January 11-Sakaka Neom-709 km
  • Phase 9-January 12-Neom Neom-shown in 5