Alxa Electric Syllable


  Music has become an important force to accompany the global war against the "epidemic" since the beginning of 2020. We never hesitate to use music to express love and care to the world, and to open all the doors of our hearts that have been closed due to the raging disease.

  China’s Alxa Tengger Desert is the dream city of human beings, where extreme wildness is used to break free from the shackles. Every moment here is called eternity. Alxa heroes will be eternal that cannot be copied anywhere in the world. Dreamland is the Allah. The head ip of the cultural and entertainment section of the Good Heroes Association and the Dakar Rally, which has inherited the reputation of "the brave game", has challenged oneself, broke the limitation, overcomes difficulties and obstacles, and created a classic legendary will. Dakar & Diverse jointly launched a fusion avant-garde trend. And courageous courage, it is a joint product of extreme fashion brand.

  Dream opening blooms enthusiastically, facing the challenge bravely and arrogantly, I am waiting for you in Alxa in October. And for the courageous, you take the joint series.